Collection: Washable Diapers

Washable and reusable diapers are the ideal solution for parents looking to reduce their environmental impact while providing the best for their baby. Unlike disposable diapers, reusable diapers are made from durable materials and can be used again and again.

In addition to being ecological, reusable diapers are also economical. Although they may seem more expensive upon initial purchase, cloth diapers provide significant savings in the long run as they will not become a regular disposable diaper purchase.

Washable diapers are also more comfortable for baby. They're made of soft materials that don't cause irritation or rashes, unlike disposable diapers that can contain harsh chemicals.

Finally, cloth diapers come in a variety of styles and designs, making them suitable for all needs and preferences. There is an option for everyone.

If you are looking to make an ecological and economical choice for your baby, then washable and reusable diapers are the ideal solution. Don't hesitate any longer and switch to a washable diaper for your baby and our planet!

Range from 8lbs to 55lbs, ONE size

*** ATTENTION *** Not all baby bottom creams are compatible with reusable diapers. Among other things, you should AVOID creams with OIL and other petroleum derivatives . You must therefore ensure that the one you plan to use is compatible and will not damage your diapers in the long term.

You can check with your city to find out if you are eligible for a % reimbursement!